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AI will read legal documents to identify procedural phases, compare data for decision making and automate repetitive activities. Osiris is a project that aims to develop an AI tool to read court decisions and generate a draft petition in the tax execution process for the Federal District Attorney's Office (Brazil)



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Realize the public interest in the effectiveness of tax enforcement


Celerity: The AI ​​will seek to provide speed and quality in the first degree of judgment of cases, indicating accuracy to the base judges, the existence of precedents recognized by the Brazilian Superior Courts.
Protection of fundamental rights: More effective judicial processes extend constitutional guarantees regarding material and procedural fundamental rights.


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1. Classification of the procedural stage, having legal piece(s) as input.
2. Classification of procedural act, having legal piece(s) as input.
3.Generation of a draft legal document, having as input the legal part(s), the specific class of action and metadata (e.g. address).




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