The SABIA Project/ Superior Labor Court

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The project's scope is to research and develop solutions to complement the Bem-Te-Vi system with regard to the grouping of cases and survey of Jurisprudence. This project also aims to research solutions from Long Life Machine Learning (LLML) with the aim of developing a solution that brings
the long lifecycle to deploy AI models. In summary, this project aims to develop 2 (two) AI solutions, the performance recording system of these AIs and an LLML solution.



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Organizational efficiency, digital transformation, technological solutions to simplify the citizen-client process, digital governance. The situation of sluggishness and congestion that characterize the judicial structure proceedings generate an inevitable increase in their costs.



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1. Group lawsuits: R&D of a solution capable of selecting a subset of lawsuits similar to a reference one;
2. Identify Jurisprudence: R&D of a solution capable of selecting a subset of decisions and judgments from the jurisprudence base that correlates with a reference lawsuit;
3. Record User Feedback: Develop a system of records user feedback on the performance of solutions 1, and 2.
4. Develop an LLML Subsystem: Develop a subsystem that enable semi-automation of updating AI models having the user feedback records for reference.